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Welcome to the home page of independent studio Maximko Online! We like to create great and beautiful apps for a whole range of devices: iOS & Android smartphones, macOS & Windows PCs. Our apps were downloaded more than 25 million times in total! So, let us introduce them:


  Magic Cube Puzzle 3D

Famous puzzle on your phone! Objective is to return each face of the cube to initial state. It trains logic, concentration and patience. App features:

  • Most popular puzzles are available: cube, pyramid and dodecahedron
  • Multiple puzzle sizes: from 2х2х2 to 8х8х8
  • Realistic 3D graphics and animation
  • Simple and handy controls
  • Free cube rotation in all axis
  • Achievements and leaderboards. Share your time with whole world!
  • It's FREE!
Available for iOS, Android, Fire OS and Windows. Download links:

  Don't Let Go The Egg!

The object of this remarkable game is to hold the egg for as long as you can. But this isn't so easy - the egg keeps trying to slip out of your hands. Put your reaction speed and patience to the test!

Keep your finger on the egg in the middle of the screen, and when it moves, move your finger along with it. No matter what happens, don't lift your finger or move it from the egg! You can also use any other available finger/hand/body part/person to collect the coins and power-ups that appear.

  • Simple, intuitive gameplay
  • Beautiful graphics and music
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Lots of characters to choose from
  • Leaderboards and achievements - challenge your friends and other players from all around the world!
Available for iOS and Android. Download links:

  iRetro - The Internet Browser

Have you ever wonder how the Facebook, Yahoo or [[put your favorite website here]] looked like 10 years ago? Or 15? Now you can do this with our browser powered by Wayback Machine API! Just set the date and that’s it - you’re in the past!

The app has retro design for the deep diving into the atmosphere of oldschool web.

The app can also browse the modern web, you can use it as regular browser. It has a simple minimalistic interface and, therefore, unlike other browsers, it won’t be able to spy on you :-)

The app is absolutely free and not contains any ads or in-app purchases.

Available for iOS. Download link:


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